I am a visual artist predominantly creating large scale street paintings, oil portraits and printmaking.  I am interested in how contemporary portraiture, can be used to present alternative narratives. My subjects are for the most part everyday people, unsung heroes and heroines whose triumphs I seek to highlight, represent and pay tribute to. The challenge for me is to reflect these stories; with an honesty and depth of emotion that reflects the humanity of those I paint. My approach to painting is inspired by the use of lighting and drama by old masters such as Caravaggio and Rembrandt. I also draw on the  energy of the contemporary forms of art that i grew up on that includ eNew York subway art and British cult sci-fi weekly ‘2000AD’. Ultimately my practice is a clash of classical and contemporary art aesthetics, resonating with audiences who have little or no knowledge of the history of art. My street work is ephemeral, I am motivated by the democratization of art with regards to the reclaiming of our public spaces, and also opening new audiences to engage with and critique the work.

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