Favela Sounds Residency, SolNascente, Ceilandia, Brazil

The intention of the 2 week FavelaSounds residency was to share with the local artists of Brasilia and then for us to teach Graffiti and Mural techniques to young people in the community of Sol Nascente. We were welcomed to base ourselves in the awakening wisdom association run by the remarkable Dona Margarida. Dona Margarida is a primary school teacher who for the past 10 years has been running after school classes for the children in her locality, many of who’s parents cannot afford to send them to school and as a diversion to the young adults at risk of going down the wrong path. Like my mother in Ghana she made use of what she had, initially building the school from the grounds of her home.

She has achieved so much with no support from the government, for the most part operating solely on the support of the local community and occasional support of outsiders. The love and passion I felt during my time at the association is testament to what she has built and the important work she is doing. She told us despite all the difficulties she faces she understands that “she didn’t choose this mission, the mission chose her”.