The Fader

London-based artist Dreph, aka Neequaye Dreph Dsane, paints beautiful images of his most inspirational women friends as part of his You Are Enough series. The huge paintings of the black women can be seen around public spots in London, including Soho and various spots in the east end of the city.
Speaking to Channel 4 News in a short documentary you can see here, and embedded below, Dsane said he paints the women he knows from real life in an effort to make black women more visible in society. “This project is about empowerment, it’s about female empowerment. All of the subjects are women that I know. They’re all normal women who do extraordinary things in the community.”

Women highlighted in the series include charity workers, educators, youth workers, a health consultant, and a psychotherapist specialising in supporting survivors of sexual abuse among others.

Check out the doc below alongside a selection of the artist’s most eye-grabbing work.