Photo : Rebecca Douglas

The rising of sea levels is a topic that can seem so far away from the concerns of everyday life in Margate. Sadly just in the same way as many low-lying countries and smaller islands around the world will have to evaluate how they deal with rising sea levels, many parts of the UK will also need to turn their attention to this increasingly impactful crisis.

This mural captures two local Thanet children playing with sandcastles on the beach, water rising all around the castle, and asks whether it is fair to leave this scenario for the young and as-yet unborn to deal with. With red flags in clear sight, addressing our carbon footprints today is vital, to undo the unnecessary responsibilities that we are currently leaving for those in future generations. We can take steps to reduce our individual carbon by changing our diets, shopping habits, energy and transport choices.

22 Danesmead Terrace Cliftonville, Margate CT9 1RF


Photo : Ian Cox

Photo : Conor Gault

Photo : Ian Cox

Photo : Zoe Law