Nana Yaa Sakyibea commonly known as Mary, is a fashion and furniture designer from Tema and now based in Busua in the Western Region of Ghana. She makes beautiful clothes with a keen eye for detail, and says her work is not motivated by financial gain but simply to make people happy in the smallest possible way when they wear her clothes. She wants people to feel ‘at home’ in her clothes and thrives on “seeing peoples self esteem shoot from 10 to 100, based on what they are wearing “.
Nana Yaa is an all round lover of the arts and wears many hats. She has managed RockstonesOffice nighclub, worked as a bouncer, run a modeling agency, managed events and worked as a PA for pidgenmusic.
Where many on the continent aspire to migrate to Europe and the US as the way to ‘make it’, Nana Yaa takes the converse view maintaining that with the right mindset, you can “stay in the village in Africa and buy a home in Mayfair if you want to” … I was inspired by her passion to build and invest where she is.