ITV Creates

I was invited by Curator Charliel Levine to produce an ident for ITV creates that will be aired between programs for a week in October 2020.
The subject of my painting is my Father in his late 20’s a few years after arriving in England in the mid 70’s. I have been fully immersed in the wealth of history that can be found close to home after loosing our mother last year. Conversations with my father about their journey and experiences coming to the UK from Ghana in the 70’s are always fascinating. They highlight for me the importance of intergenerational conversations, and documenting the wealth of knowledge and wisdom from our elders that is too often lost on younger generations.
This was my first large scale set design and was made possible with the help of my team Mel, Merissa  & Richard Thripp (who built the set). Big love to the fantastic itv creative team who worked so hard behind the scenes including  Thanks also to Amber Perrier
View ident HERE