The 7th Subject of my ‘You Are Enough’ series is Tracy Blackstock, my sons Mother (no pressure lool)
Tracy was born and raised in Oxford and is the second youngest of 9 siblings to first generation Jamaican parents. After her studies she spent several years in Jamaica working for an NGO before returning to the UK to work for the probation service and then resettlement aftercare provision for young offenders.
She now project manages a preventative program for children and young people who display harmful sexual behaviour(s). These young people in some instances are victims of sexual abuse, exposed to inappropriate pornographic images and family stresses that can lead to inappropriate sexual behaviours. Tracy manages a group of volunteers who work with the young people to restore such behaviour/responses by developing social skills that engage them in their communities.
In the future Tracy would like to specialise in the field of child psychotherapy with the view to supporting young people in her local community


Location: Fashion Street, London E1