I predominantly paint with oil paint on canvas. Bold colours are used to entice the viewer to engage with the human figure which for the most part is central to my work. My studio practice builds on the street murals that I am best known for. I am currently working on a body of work that I started at the beginning of the first lockdown in March 2020. This series is of friends and family that I had access to and welcomed in social distanced studio visits during that period. All the sitters exude confidence, vulnerability and resilience. I’m drawn to people that take up space and I’m interested in how our demeanour or personal style can express this. These portraits are snapshots of a historical moment in time that is very much still our present. With these visual narrations I am inviting both the subjects and audience to see themselves in this body of work and be inspired, leaving hopeful for better days.

My practice is a clash of classical and contemporary art aesthetics and an exploration of how contemporary portraiture, can be used to present alternative narratives. My subjects are for the most part everyday people, and the challenge for me is to reflect these stories; with an honesty and depth of emotion that reflects the humanity of those I paint.